What’s the Exadel Authoring Kit for AEM all about?

  • Meant for developers, authors, and business analysts working in an AEM environment
  • Rich in utilities for handling AEM Sling models, modifying AEM component policy, and managing structured data
  • Automatically generates AEM Touch UI dialogs and adds responsive features to the dialogs
  • A smart thoroughly tested extension for AEM authoring interfaces
  • Filled with reusable coding and visual patterns

The Exadel Authoring Kit provides a versatile, feature-packed, and intuitive API for any AEM Touch UI dialog you want to create for your AEM components and pages.


Make expressive and highly interactive authoring interfaces, matching the best of the AEM project architecture.


Speed up the development of AEM components or refactor existing AEM components with Touch UI dialogs of any complexity.


Enrich AEM project architecture with custom AEM components of your choice. Add unique features to your Touch UI dialogs. Create new Granite-compatible widgets to diversify your projects.


With the Exadel Authoring Kit, you can consider and process AEM-stored and external data in the form of lists, data tables, and data trees to achieve a better user experience.


Improve AEM project management through a unified development technique and authoring approach. Working with components presentation, arrangement, templating, and policies and feeding default data becomes stress-free.


Need even more tweaks? We provide an internal API and scripting feature to extend your capabilities in customizing the AEM interface.


We carefully handle the resources of any AEM instance and browsers of your users. The Exadel Authoring Kit supports contemporary patterns and optimizes CSS/JS loading.


Create an AEM 6.5 project or upgrade your AEM 6.1 - 6.4 site. The kit is another cherry on top of your AEM environment with AEM as a Cloud Service installation support.

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    unique interfaces and supreme UX

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    step-by-step page creation

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